Why pay for an architect...

...when there are lots of people offering services drawing up plans and making submissions to the local authority?

Many people are put off from employing an architect, thinking some odd chap in plus fours will turn up and tell them their house is all wrong and charge them thousands of pounds to design a rotating podule made of dreams and glitter, when all they wanted was a garage extension.

Well hopefully we can allay those fears, unless you really do want a rotating podule. Architects are very sensible, sensitive yet technically able people who can add true value to your home. Not just in monetary terms but improvements to your lifestyle, the way you use space, the way you enjoy your home.

At RBC Architect, we act as the go-between for you and all those people who may appear to be trying to make things complicated for you, Planning Authorities, Building Control, Building Contractors, Insurers, British Standards, Highways, all that stuff. That has always been the role of the architect, to lead the design and building process, to make sure that what you want to do with your home or business, is what you actually get...tastefully rendered in glitter.


"We had no previous experience of using an architect, so were a little concerned about what to expect and even questioned whether we were doing the right thing, given that the project to re-model our kitchen was relatively small. In reality, engaging the services of Rob Backhouse Cook proved to be the best possible investment we could have made in our project - and exceptional value for money.

 He listened carefully to our ideas and translated them into a creative and practical design & offered sound advice and guidance throughout the building process. He was also helpful in sourcing and liaising with the structural engineer & builder and explaining Building Control processes.Notably, our builder commented that Rob's were the best and most comprehensive set of plans he had ever worked with. Just as importantly, when pre-exisiting problems with the building were uncovered, he very readily adapted the plans without detriment to the overall design.

We are delighted with the results. "Designing dreams" is no mere strap line: it's exactly what Rob Backhouse Cook did for us and we would thoroughly recommend his services."

Andrew & Gwen Fletcher, Romanby